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5 Reasons To Line Dry Your Laundry

Posted by Elizabeth Scott on
5 Reasons To Line Dry Your Laundry

Fresh air is free and great for drying your laundry.

Here's 5 reasons why you should be line drying your laundry whenever you can. 

1. Its better for your clothes

Using a dryer can weaken and damage fabric fibers much quicker than would if you line dry your clothing, making you items last longer, and making you buy fewer items for your wardrobe.

2. It saves money

This one is obvious - dryers produce heat and use up a lot of electricity, almost more than any other household appliance! Line drying your clothing in the wind and sun is free!

3. It whitens your whites

The sun is actually one of the best ways to bleach your whites - and its completely chemical free! It also helps to remove stains and marks from other items too - the trick with this is to only lightly spin your items in the washing machine so that they are still quite wet when you hang them as this makes the sun more effective at removing those pesky stains, and whitens up your whites really good!

4. It encourages laundry consciousness

Because of the time it takes you to hang out your washing out on the line, you become more aware of the washing you are creating, and will begin to understand if items actually need to be washed or not.

5. Its therapeutic and encourages you to go outside

Spending time outside in the fresh air and sunlight is linked with a variety of health benefits that improve your well-being and is also proven to help your mental health.

Enjoy line drying your laundry everybody.


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